terms of use

Terms of Use

Consultations on the site are divided into three types
– Legal advice
– inheritance sharing
– draft assignments and legal replies.

They are either free or paying.

Free consultations:

– you can find on the site many articles and legal studies
   legal studies
– applications for inheritance sharing
sharing successorla in Tunisian and Muslim law

Research in the jurisprudence of Tunisian civil justice (in Arabic)
Research in Tunisian criminal law jurisprudence (in Arabic)

Paid counseling

The site responds to your requests for advice according to the conditions explained by the service provider to your first request
In its first reply.
Once the conditions are accepted and the fees paid the site will send the applicant the answer to his questions.
Such a response may be made either
by email
Or by a public article on the site
Or by a private article protected by a password that the applicant will take care to provide to the site while specifying
The title of the article to be published. Such article will be removed from the site as soon as the applicant so desires.