Attention a gay can hide another

Attention a gay can hide another

by Ettougourti Mohamed Ali

escoc prof


A judge is obliged to apply law even against his own will and against his own convictions?

Not always true. Indeed difficult not to find a personal imprint on the decisions of judges and in their actions. Sometimes the judge's decision, his behavior betray the man behind the dress, reveal the person behind the uniform, do not judge a book by its cover.

My old colleagues, my old,  but remained as beautiful and attractive,  female colleagues,  remember perhaps a former president judge of the criminal division, who in his time, played the terror of crooks and other white-collar criminals.

We doubted, lawyers and judges, in front of his extreme severity and aggressiveness that he was the innocent victim of any scam and other rotten tricks. I myself had this conviction.

Until this day in which I meet our judge in the corridors of the courthouse, and when I already left the bench for the bar, he led me into his office to make me a proposal rather surprising.

Our judge would be owner of commercial property well established, good traffic, lease rights guaranteed, low rent. A juicy affair that he held, his judge status not allowing him to trade, to pass me, to me and to no one else, for a low price, almost symbolic.

Although flattered and a little lured by the offer I asked to learn more. Another friend Judge trustworthy and knowledgeable about small stories of the courthouse eventually enlighten me: Our judge, sworn enemy crooks, was himself a very clever con artist, it amounted to no less than twelve complaints filed against him for various scams. If one knew nothing of his illegal activities, it is because all the complaints were classified one after the other without further action by a state prosecutor magnanimous, benevolent, forgiving and understanding. Our judge was about to fleece me.

The severity of our judge was therefore a mere subterfuge, a simple ploy, fraudulent practices in legal jargon, to strengthen, gain even more public and his next victim’s confidence. The apparent severity of the judge hides a tormented soul who he seeks to defend against its own perverse impulses.

A suspect student in a murder case prefer to make his coming out at the police post, he begs the policemen to inspect his anus to prove his good faith. The above can be understood if coming out is the only way left to exculpate the suspect, but the state persecutor occasionally ordered criminal proceedings, the judge pronounced a sentence of imprisonment for the offense of homosexuality, this overzealous activity is quite unusual.

As you can well imagine, this is not the first time that on the occasion of ordinary criminal or civil cases that are discovered proven facts establishing with certainty the existence of homosexual acts between persons major, willing.  However cases where proceedings were instituted, where sentences were pronounced, occurred very rarely.

I remember that I dealt with a divorce case which speaks about homosexuality. Two children mother, good wife, uneventful until the day, without warning, she falls madly in love with another… woman .

The husband did not understand what was happening but the letters exchanged between the two lovers were well explicit and left him no doubt.

He eventually seeks a divorce for prejudice against his wife. I had the bad role of representing the poor husband.

The woman assigned admits the facts, assumes, and even makes her coming out in open court to the dismay of Madam the judge: she leaves appear suddenly her breasts shouting out: "Look at me, I am a woman and I love women».

The divorce was granted to wife wrongs.  She was certainly deprived of custody, but not unduly worried.

So do not make a story of the condemnation of the homosexual student because in many cases, like our judge terror of crooks, a homosexual can simply hide another.