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it is to despair more than one sheep


it is to despair more than one sheep

by Ettougourti Mohamed Ali.

Today it is the feast of the sheep or the feast of the sacrifice known as the feast  of Aid El Kebir as opposed to Aid Esseghir …
Millions of sheep will be slaughtered before sunrise.
For us humans, Muslims, it is the opportunity every year to give free rein to our deadly and sadistic impulses.
How many crimes, assassinations, murders are thus avoided?
No serious statistics will tell, will not be able to prove the beneficial effects of the Aid on social peace.
For my part, I remain convinced.
Obviously the feast of Aid can do nothing against the wars and other horrors that only humans are capable of.
The poor beast, the sheep, has nothing to do with it. If we want to make peace between us humans, it is our business.
We must leave other creatures at peace.
A life is a life, and the sheep also has the right to live.                                  it has the right to live.
all the more as it is a nice beast, sweet, victim of wolves and other predators it does no harm to anyone.
it is almost defenseless. its horns, as well developed as they are, are unfortunately for it, not of much help to it.

It’s not Brigitte Bardot that would contradict me. She who at every Aid festival does not fail to express all her hatred and contempt against the Muslims …

Blunting the fact that millions of heads of cows, calves, bulls, pigs, chickens, cocks , rabbits, and even cats, rats, snakes, are slaughtered every day that god does, to satisfy the protein needs of humans.

To return to our sheep, to think well, a life of sheep is not just as bad.
Many people can envy it.Here is a beast who lives all year round, bleached, nurtured, well-behaved. Always flanked by a patented guardrail, the shepherd, our beast is well protected against the attacks of predators and other undesirable aggressors. Hay, water, and sex at will. The life of a sheep looks like a rich human annuitant.

A week before the fateful day, our sheep is the object of attention from all sides: grown-ups and little ones.
The latter often attach themselves to the beast.
On the day of the Aid they are divided between mixed feelings: the joy and happiness of family reunions around banquets and abundant food, but also tearing and sadness for having lost a companion as sweet and as endearing as is the sheep of the Aid.
The day of Aid will be taken care of as the sacrifice of our dear sheep, that its death be the sweetest and most painless possible.
One pushes before the fateful act of « Allah is great », often one will recite Qur’anic verses.
In short, it is a beautiful death for our sheep.
Some humans die lonely, in anonymity and misery both physical and moral.Humans die in stupid accidents or victims of barbaric terrorist acts. Humans will suffer the martyr for many months and years before to die to the point that one thinks of seeing them, to legalize euthanasia. Some countries have already done so.

Nothing like it for our lamb dies of a beautiful death, violent certainly, but fast enough and suffers practically only a few minutes …

So what is the feast of sacrifice?

We sacrifice the sheep so as not to kill each other, to avoid killing the beings who are dearer to us, our children, our wives, our spouses, our brothers and sisters, our compatriots, our co-religionists, our fellow men.

The only creature who sacrifices herself to learn to love each other is the sheep of the Aid.

But since God created man, ever since the feast of Aid is perpetuated, we are killing each other and always more and more.

It is to despair more than one sheep that thus sees its sacrifices vain and without effects, against the murderous impulses of the humans never satisfied.

Happy holiday anyway.