The dog which demands to be respected

The dog which demands to be respected!
by Ettougourti Mohamed Ali



Akil, the wise in arabic, the German shepherd was killed by terrorists during the attack of the Bardo Museum. It was part of the canine brigade of our national police. We are talking about a police dog, man's best friend, killed while performing his duty. Brave, his death is for us a lesson of bravery, courage, and dedication.
The affliction and the sadness expressed by the President of the Republic, which remained inconsolable, had touched our friend the France , which in the person of its Minister of the Interior, promised, question to lighten ever so slightly our pain, to give us a gift another dog,  a bitch, named Jessi.
Akil is dead live Jessi!
Jessi is another dog, rather a bitch, that our national police plan to hire permanent contract. Although our unemployed youth can legitimately envy Jessi, she is lucky to have found work and CDI . 
Akil was a German shepherd dog, Jessi is also the breed of shepherd dogs but is Mechelen, Belgium.
What difference would you say?
Know to get started that the German shepherd, has rare qualities: intelligence, obedience, alertness, and incorruptibility. Difficult qualities to gather and find even about a human. In addition, the German shepherd has other rare qualities: robustness and unmatched sense of smell. The German Shepherd Dog is naturally the holder of the German police.
What about the jessi Mechelen, Belgium's?
The Mechelen Belgian Shepherd dog, has almost all the good qualities of the German Shepherd, obeying to the finger and the eye to his master, incorruptible, great sportsman, he is certainly less imposing than the German Shepherd, but is versatile it can everything, it is voluntary, it wants everything.
Should we regret Akil?
Jessi in good dog, we are told can do great things but not without the help of his master. Jessi also has a small flaw: the cries and brutality can wreak havoc on his character and make it aggressive, timid. You understood Jessi demands to be respected to be trusted. It cannot develop without a climate of mutual respect, trust must reign between her and her master.
And that's where the rub!
It is already feared that our friend Jessi is ill at ease in our police, in our country.  Parents, bosses, teachers, judges, police officers, governors, governed, we like to shout at each other, we generally impose by the brutality, we prefer force to dialogue, we like to order without love, bluntly, without restraint, without empathy, without qualms.
In our conception of human relations we have the firm conviction that those who respect the other is low, "it is not so the males, they are the boldness and even some enterprising brutality characterizes them who respects too is only a simpleton, women themselves mock him"(Henri Frederic Amiel). 
That's all we that.
Jessi is too refined to be "police dog" to integrate our national police. Can it demand to us more respect that which we show at our children, at our wives, at our school teachers, at our teachers? We shout at children, at our women, at our men, at our school teachers, at our professors. Decidedly the new recruit is unsuited to the country manners…
Jessi is currently training with his new Tunisian master in France. Bad idea, very bad idea, it is necessary rather acclimates it to the general mood of the country, a local training:  some rants and kicks in the stomach properly adjusted?
Trust our Tunisian genius and our system effectiveness: few months in the country and Jessi will soon be one of the country girls, it will lose its illusions, quickly regain his old instincts wolf, will learn to not trust anyone especially not his master, showing his fangs in all circumstances, to scroll to duty, and especially to take it easy, gently morning not too fast in the evening and let bribe and to take advantage of his talents reserving them to the highest bidder.
Instructed by the plight of Akil, Jessi, provided it succeeds its integration in the country, will not be as stupid as late Akil, rest in peace, to sacrifice for his masters.
Finally even the bitch Jessi will remain as it is, courageous, intelligent, efficient, we will quickly dampen his ardor, getting it sick of any effort by freezing its activities, forgetting it somewhere in a stray dog daycare.
For me I think we have to content ourselves with a rather sloughi, also called Arab greyhound, he runs fast, very fast. In case of imminent danger and when the hour strikes retirement, and even before, our friend will take it to its heels and disappear in a flash.
That's all we that!